Viticulture & Winemaking


Vineyard management was taken over by Philippe Prudhomme after the 2009 harvest. Philippe and Aline have their own vineyard, Ku-ring-gai, 6 km away along Cargo Road towards Orange. Working with Philippe, the vineyard has been improved each year. His enthusiasm and dedication have produced very noticeable results. Work has commenced that will lead to an organically certified vineyard.



The first Boree Lane 2008 wines, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay were made by Chris Derrez and Lucy Maddox of Madrez Wine Services. This French/Australian combination makes for an interesting blend indeed! Their contract wine making business has produced many fine wines for the region and with some success for Boree Lane (see Awards below).
Chris’s French background influenced the making of a fortified Sauvignon Blanc labelled as ‘Luscious’ and luscious it is. They followed this with a Cabernet Franc in 2009 and a delicious Sauvignon Blanc dessert wine from the botrytised grapes in 2010.

 2010 also produced another Cabernet Sauvignon with a Sauvignon Blanc in 2012. A Cabernet Sauvignon Rose´ has being made from the 2014 vintage. The striking “Cheeky” label was designed by Dermot Rodwell who works as an artist in Woodstock.

Charlie Svenson is taking some red grapes from the vineyard  for his de Salis Wine label most notably from the 1984 Cabernet Sauvignon block. Will Rikard-Bell  has made a Cabernet Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc blend from the 2012 vintage and a Chardonnay and Shiraz from 2013 working from the De Salis Winery. Will has spent time working with Murray Smith in his winery, just on the other side of Boree Lane, as well as in the Hunter Valley.



Despite being relative newcomers to the winemaking industry, we have earned medals for both our red and white wines. See the table below for a list of our achievements.

2018Orange Wine Show2016 Two Blocks Cabernet SauvignonBronze
2017Orange Wine Show2017 The TrifectaBronze
2017Orange Wine Show2015 Cabernet SauvignonBronze
2017Orange Wine Show2015 Single-vineyard ShirazBronze
2016National Cool Climate Wine Show - Bathurst2015 ChardonnayBronze
2016National Cool Climate Wine Show - Bathurst2015 Sauvignon BlancBronze
2016Orange Wine Show2015 ChardonnayGold
2016Orange Wine Show2015 Sauvignon BlancSilver
2016Orange Wine Show2015 Cabernet SauvignonBronze
2016NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show2015 Sauvignon BlancSilver
2016NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show2015 ChardonnayBronze
2016NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show2015 Cabernet SauvignonBronze
2015Orange Wine Show2013 ChardonnayBronze
2015NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show2013 ChardonnayBronze
2014Orange Wine Show2014 Cheeky Cabernet RoséSilver
2014Orange Wine Show2010 Cabernet SauvignonBronze
2012Orange Wine Show2012 Sauvignon BlancBronze
2011Cowra Wine Show2010 Cabernet SauvignonBronze
2010Orange Wine Show2009 Cabernet FrancSilver
2009NSW Small Winemakers Wine Show2008 Cabernet SauvignonSilver
2009Orange Wine Show 2008 Cabernet SauvignonBronze
2009Cowra Wine Show2008 Cabernet SauvignonBronze
2009Orange Wine Show2008 ChardonnayBronze
2009Orange Wine Show2008 Fortified Sauvignon BlancBronze

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