Wine Varietals

Read about the new wine varietals planted at the vineyard

Gewurztraminer Harvest
The Gewurztraminer grapes were hand-picked by Singh’s efficient team who started at 06:30am on quite a cool morning; by 09:30am they had picked all 6 rows. Will the Winemaker, Paul and myself loaded the trailer and the ute driven down the vine rows by Geoff, who is managing the vineyard. The grapes revealed some lovely flavours and came off at […]

Gewurztraminer Harvest 12 Feb 2016

Twenty rows of grapes have been prepared for grafting to the Arneis grape.  It is a white grape whose home is in Piedmonte in north-western Italy. With quite a number of plantings, particularly in Victoria, it has also attracted the attention of several vineyard owners in the Orange region. Having tried a wide price range of Arneis while in Piedmonte, […]

Arneis – Forthcoming Addition to the Vineyard