2019 Cabernet Franc Harvest

On a perfect morning with stars studded across the black sky, harvesting of the Cabernet Franc kicked off at 6 am.

With Nick Lander’s harvester and Geoff driving the tractor with the trailing bin (bins supplied by Chris at Madrez) the 2.6 tonnes were picked by 7 am with the dawn light gradually intensifying.

Small berries and good flavours but a smaller crop due to the dry weather conditions.  Laurence arrived with his trusty truck and the bins were fork-lifted aboard. Geoff’s two lovely dogs kept an eye on the whole proceedings which all went like clockwork thanks to Geoff’s usual careful planning.

Boree Lane’s two impressive new trailers, made locally by Tim Packham, were put to good use.

Laurence delivered the grapes to Chris at Madrez Wine Services to start the wine making process.