Cellar Door

Boree Lane Wines Cellar Door

Our Cellar Door is open the first and third weekend of the month from 10am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday.
Drop by for a tasting and a lively chat with your knowledgeable host, Bob.

Our opening dates for 2018 are as follows:

August4, 5, 18, 1910am - 5pm
September1, 2, 15, 1610am - 5pm
October6, 710am - 5pm
October13, 14 Orange Wine Festival10am - 5pm
October20, 21 Orange Wine Festival10am - 5pm
November3, 4, 17, 1810am - 5pm
December1, 2, 15, 1610am - 5pm


There are plenty of great wineries on Boree Lane. Next door is Stockman’s Ridge  and across the lane is Canobolas Smith.

Read Bob’s Blog for updates on the Cellar Door and other fascinating news.