Make it a Boree Lane “Luscious” and ”Sticky” Christmas!

While recently enjoying a lovely lemon tart from Racine Bakery in Orange accompanied by our Botrytised Sauvignon Blanc Dessert wine and savouring the way it complimented those strong, tangy citrus flavours, my thoughts turned to Christmas and one of my absolute seasonal favourites – the Plum Pud.
From past experience I can definitely say that our Boree Lane “Sticky” and the Pud are a marriage made in heaven! The rich fruitiness of the pudding blends with the soft ripe apricotty flavour of the “Sticky” and those wedding bells are ringing overtime!!!

Also excellent for the Christmas period is our “Luscious” fortified Sauvignon Blanc wine. It is like a white port and can be served chilled as a great aperitif, is perfect with the Pavlova, can be poured over the fruit salad and ice cream and can be enjoyed with the strong cheeses afterwards (especially those blue ones!).

As a Christmas period special these two wines are twinned for just $30! Now that’s just ridiculously, mouth fulfillingly Christmas heaven!!  Just check out the Xmas Specials page for this offer.