Seasonal Effects

Seasonal changes at the vineyard

Orange has been experiencing some unsettled weather and thunderstorms this Autumn. The weather conditions over the last few days of early March have provided great cloud formations and rumbling storms.  Rain squalls spotted on the horizon begs the question, “Will it make it to the vineyard?” Alas, the dark clouds […]

Unsettled weather this Autumn

Occasionally there is a particularly spectacular or interesting sunset adorning the western sky. Here are some examples and a picture of some end of vine row red grapes set against the sunset – purple on orange. Vineyard Sunsets was last modified: August 4th, 2016 by Bob Clark

Vineyard Sunsets

January turned out to be a variable weather month with some regular storm events passing through Orange. This produced some dramatic skies, some heavy rain at times and some strong winds. All good conditions for botrytis in the white varieties, but fortunately some drying spray and sunny weather have come […]

Stormy weather in January

The Dam
It is a relief to see at last the run off from the rains starting to fill the dam and set up a good reservoir for irrigation in the coming vintage. The Dam was last modified: April 5th, 2016 by Bob Clark

The Dam