Taste Orange @ Barangaroo 2016 – Recap

It was a warm, almost Summer’s day, with a very pleasant breeze blowing at Nawi Cove, for the inaugural Taste Orange @ Barangaroo event. The grassed area worked really well for the twenty stalls – ten on each side of an L shape with the young plane trees providing some shade.

After a quiet start, things picked up in the afternoon keeping Carmel and myself very busy. Some light cloud appeared and helped cut down the glare and heat of the western sun. On such a wonderful day it was a pity to end the operational period at half past four as many people were still clamouring for more of the premium wines from the Orange Region.

All in all a successful first Brand Orange@Barangaroo event with thanks to Licensee Rhonda and her team for all their hard work. Thanks also to Chris Meredith who captured the day perfectly as his images will attest.