2018 Boree Lane ‘Con Amore’ Arneis Origins

The Boree Lane family of wines has been joined by our latest arrival, 2018 Boree Lane ‘Con Amore’ Arneis. The Arneis grape is native to the Piedmont region of north western Italy, where it was used to blend in small amounts with red Nebbiolo grapes to soften their strong tannins. Now that Nebbiolos are made with somewhat softer tannins, Arneis declined in planted area. However it has been resurrected as an elegant white wine in its own right in the key districts of Roero and Lange.

Arneis means “little rascal’ in the local dialect as it was somewhat difficult to grow. Now it has spread outside of Italy to California and Australia. Piemonte is a cool climate area with the Alps forming a backdrop on clear days, so Orange is a logical area to plant the grape.

Our trip to Piemonte, Italy

Whilst the Boree Lane vineyard was in winter mode and Geoff was sorting out pruning, posts and wires, etc.  we enjoyed a wonderful overseas holiday.  One of the highlights of our trip was tasting Arneis wines in Piemonte in the Langhe and Roero, the home of the Arneis grape.

These are areas of intense agriculture that covers the hillsides and valleys and makes for the most picturesque landscape. Capped with a sprinkling of hill towns, clustered around with houses, and topped off with church towers and maybe a palazzo. Just stunning!!!!

Its centuries of connection with grape growing and wine making has warranted a World Heritage Listing for this part of Piemonte. Where we were staying, we looked across to San Martino Alfieri with its church and imposing palazzo. The palazzo houses a winery and tasting room for Marchesi Alfrieri wines, which are mainly delightful red Barberas.

Wine Tasting and local cuisine

We tasted some lovely Arneis while in Piemonte, both young and older (2012 and 2013) showing that the variety can age well. A tour of the Malvira Winery (one of the well known producers of Arneis) close to Canale, proved this. There were some memorable meals with Arneis, Nebbiolo  and Barbera accompaniment. As you would expect the local wines compliment the local cuisine beautifully.

Similarities back home

Back in Australia, we are very excited about our ‘Con Amore’. Grown on Boree Lane’s  loamy/clay soil, it is more medium bodied than most of the Piemontese wines grown on sandy/clay soils. It exhibits a lovely nose of peaches and pears followed by a crisp almondy, creamy palate. A most enjoyable wine to drink by itself, but also a great accompaniment to dishes such as creamy white meats and seafood pastas. 
I am sure you will enjoy it!!