2018 Boree Lane 'Con Amore' Arneis
The Boree Lane family of wines has been joined by our latest arrival, 2018 Boree Lane ‘Con Amore’ Arneis. The Arneis grape is native to the Piedmont region of north western Italy, where it was used to blend in small amounts with red Nebbiolo grapes to soften their strong tannins. […]

2018 Boree Lane ‘Con Amore’ Arneis Origins

March was a busy time in the vineyard with machine harvesters and hand pickers at work. Despite the dry spell, the grapes had hung on with the help of a bit of intermittent rain and the flavours are exciting. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes On Saturday, 3 March, Ian Pearce’s […]

March Harvest at the Vineyard