Despite weather concerns, the rain held off and the overcast conditions made it more agreeable for the 2020 Boree Lane Ramble. With Carillion Wines not able to participate this year, the three remaining Cellar Doors rose to the occasion with four wines and matching food instead of the previous three.

After finishing at Stockmans Ridge, the Ramblers walked across to Boree Lane where Bob described the various aspects of the vineyard. The group headed down the driveway to the Arneis vines where the grafting process was explained; up past the Cabernet  Sauvignon vines bursting into leaf; and back across to the Boree Lane Cellar Door.

The full family team was on hand preparing and serving the food and wine to the fifty-two Ramblers. Tables and chairs were spaced out to comply with the COVID guidelines.

The four wines and matching foods were:

The wine and food were a big hit according to the feedback received from the Ramblers..

Our chief chef Robbie did his commentary on the food, while I spoke about the wines. Our webmaster, Dave Sanney, had prepared the Ramble Order Forms which looked great and worked well at the end when people were paying for their wines. The wines were then packed into boxes and dropped off at Strawhouse Wines, which was the Ramblers last stop, to be loaded onto the bus taking them back to Orange.

Justin Byrne had led the group on their Ramble and helped out with serving at Boree Lane which was much appreciated.

On arrival at Strawhouse Wines, the Ramblers were able to take in the new, very attractive Cellar Door while enjoying more wine and food.